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Above all else, Coaches are responsible for insuring the safe and responsible use of firearms, and instilling these practices in their team members. Coaches are also responsible for making the team experience fun for all!

Having credentialed coaches has become a necessity in today’s litigious world. Having coaches who have completed a comprehensive coach education program adds an extra dimension to starting the next generation of trapshooters on the correct road to a lifetime of enjoyment of our sport. Having coaches with whom we can communicate quickly will help build and maintain a cohesive ATA youth program. The ATA strongly suggests that all coaches consider attending an NRA/ATA Shotgun Coach School but it is not by any means a requirement for AIM teams.

There are two ways to become an ATA Shooting Coach: (1) by successfully completing an NRA/ATA Trap Coach School, or (2) by successfully completing the NRA/USAS Shotgun Coach School (which, in addition to trap, teaches skeet, sporting clays and International) and using the form at the back of this brochure to request credentialing as an ATA Shooting Coach. Coach Schools may be scheduled in your area by contacting (for a Trap Coach School) the ATA Youth Development Director or (for the NRA/USAS Shotgun Coach School) the NRA National Shotgun Coach Trainer (703-267-1401).

To facilitate communication, current NRA/USAS Shotgun Coach School graduates are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible as ATA Shooting Coaches.

All coaches involved with AIM for ATA participants, whether they have taken the Coach School or not, must abide by the Coaching Ethics Code. Graduates of the Coach Schools have already signed that they will abide by the Coaching Ethics Code. For all other coaches, this document may be viewed on line at:


For new participants and their parents on a Club or School team, Coaches are to give a brief introduction to the sport of trapshooting so the entire family understands the sport. Parents may want to take up the sport too!

The youth trapshooters of today are the future of our member clubs. Our member clubs that go to the effort to sponsor a youth trapshooting program need to be thanked. Coaches are urged to instill in their shooters and parents the desire to "give back" to their host club by volunteering service hours to the benefit of the club.

Coaches are urged to make good use of grant opportunities such as Friends of NRA for necessary equipment and supplies for their programs.

Insurance coverage is available to eligible Credentialed/AIM Coaches and Volunteers with Sportsman’s Insurance Agency, Inc. Credentialed Coaches are covered under the General Liability Insurance for ATA Certified Instructors and Coaches Policy. AIM Coaches and Volunteers are covered under the ATA Gun Club General Liability Policy. To learn more about the policies, or if you have any questions, please contact Sportsman's Insurance at (800) 925-7767.

Program Material

book with lesson plans (the other side of the book is the NSSA/NRA Skeet Camp): Host a Trap Camp at your shooting club to attract new youth and adults to trapshooting.
TO ORDER: http://materials.nrahq.org/training-materials.html
Item #EF09192 for $19.95

(Trap is on pages 22-23): Designed for your new shooters to give them recognition as they achieve stair-step levels on their way to Distinguished Expert and registered targets.
TO ORDER: http://materials.nrahq.org/training-materials.html
Item #EQ09525 for $2.50

As a result of the NRA/ATA partnership, NRA re-wrote the NRA Shotgun Coach School curriculum to focus on trapshooting.  For information on the NRA/USAS Shotgun Coach School (teaching trap, skeet, sporting clays and International), contact the NRA National Shotgun Coach Trainer at mraab@nrahq.org or 703-267-1401.

USA Clay Target League CLASS Certification Program
The CLASS (Coach Leadership And Safety Support) certification program is a 37 lesson online training course that features informative videos, creative graphics and diagrams, interactive modules, audio recording, and clay target-related photos.
Course is $25
Sign up here: CLASS Certification Program
Email USA Clay Targe League with any questions at support@usaclaytarget.com 

NRA Shotgun Shooting classes can be found here:
Under Become an instructor select NRA Instructor Shotgun Shooting Course.
Search for courses by zip or state.

Friends of NRA:

Help us grow our three tax-exempt Funds – Youth and Education, Gun Clubs, and General – so ATA grants will be available in the future!  Donation opportunities are available to Honor Your Shooting Mentor and Remembering a Missing Squad Member.

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Special AIM Discount Programs

Gun Buddy: $9.00 15 piece minimum. Discounted shipping on orders of 25 pieces or more.

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AIM Coaching Forms:
All individual scores are submitted automatically through Gun Club shoot reports. Squad scores must be submitted through the AIM Coaches Area. Please see the Forms page for all needed materials.